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Balsamic Vinegars
SABA Balsamic Condiment
Acetum Balsamic - 3 leaves
Acetum Balsamic - 4 leaves

Saba is an ancient condiment and it is the result of cooking selected grape musts, especially of Lambrusco or Trebbiano over re. Saba is what is the main ingredient in the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of
Modena. On its own, Saba has an Incredible fruity favor with tasting notes of grapes, plums and raisins with no pungency. Try it over your favorite desserts, on fresh fruit, or over ice cream.

Luxury Balsamic and creative packaging for our exclusive Acetum bottle : it's not available on the market with names of other producers. It comes equipped with a practical cork pourer, that allows a perfect dosage. Precious quality Balsamic Vinegar inside.

Fiaschetta Rustic bottle with flask shape, closed with cork and green ribbon. Particularly sweet and aromatic the quality inside. This bottle is our own exclusivity, not available on the market with the name of other producers

L'ase Balsamico
Balsamic Vinegar Reduction - Blaze
White Balsamic

L'ase comes from Reggio Emilia region of Italy and it is aged in high quality wood barrels to increase the complexity of the syrup. Wood used for barrels includes chestnut (rich in tannin and helps to create the dark color), cherry (sweetens), mulberry (to reduce the vinegar and apply a vanilla hint to the flavor), juniper (provides a resinous aroma) and oak (to let it rest and seal the flavors).

An outstanding balsamic vinegar reduction from Modena with an even consistency.

Astringent, tingling, barely sweet, the Blaze vinegar reduction is slowly cooked over low heat. For a tasty, decorative touch pour a trickle over a meat dish or grilled fish.

If you are looking for the flavor of balsamic vinegar but don't want the dark color, try this White Balsamic Vinegar! Milder in flavor and slightly less sweet than traditional balsamic vinegar, but with enough complexity to stand out in gourmet sauces and vinaigrettes

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