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Condiments that can be used as wonderful pasta sauces, to top a bruschetta, to enhance boiled potatoes, to marinade a steak, for a tuna or chicken salad, there is no end to the use of the products in our pesto and tapenade offerings.
So full of flavor that any dish, whether elaborate or simple will be a gourmet meal!
For the person who cannot cook to make a fantastic pasta dinner, or for our chefs who use them as flavor enhancers, this line of vegetable tapenades is so unlike any other you have ever tasted and once you use any of the products, your kitchen will never be without.
And most importantly, you will always be able to serve a great dinner, even if you didn't have time for shopping or preparation… You only need some imagination…!


Roasted Peppers in Sunflower Oil

Coelsanus roasted peppers are carefully selected and roasted in small batches to perfection, then preserved in sunflower oil which, thanks to its lightness, enhances the natural flavor of the vegetables.

Roasted Eggplant in Sunflower Oil

Lightly seasoned and suspended in sunflower oil, these artichokes are perfect for tossing with pasta and spring vegetables, an antipasto plate with prosciutto and sparagus, or throwing on the grill and drizzling with a nice balsamic.

First Field Jersey Ketchup

First Field Four Season Ketchup, artisanal ketchup made from vine-ripened sustainably-grown New Jersey tomatoes.




Barolo & Gold

When flavor meets food design.Forget table salt and add real flavor with our very own smoked Barolo salt with real gold flakes. We use Barolo soaked barrels to smoke our salt and then put in real flakes of gold.The result is a rich, aromatic and intense salt unlike anything you have had before. With deep color and sparkle, every dish you sprinkle this on will be transformed into a unique and flavorful masterpiece.


Barolo & Silver

Want your food to sparkle and shine? Add our Barolo smoked salt with silver flakes to everything you use salt for.
The rich and intense flavor will add an extra zing while the real silver flakes will add beauty and uniqueness to your dishes.
The look of these salts is exceptional and the flavor is unmatched. If you really want your dishes to be special, this is the way to go.


Lemon & Gold

This tangy salt will make your meals pop with flavor and color.
Luscious and tart with a golden sparkle, your dishes will never be the same.Taste the fresh, citrus delight this salt has to offer. With an intense aroma and harmonious flavor this salt will make any amateur fee like a chef and any chef to work a little less hard.


Sweet & Sour & Gold

Who knew salt could be so splendid?
The flavor of this unique salt is something you will soon realize you cannot be without. Let your taste buds have some real fun and add a sprinkle whenever you want a little zing.
A perfect addition to sweet and savory dishes. This is the salt your mouth has been waiting for.

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