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Tiramisù Glass

Sponge cake soaked in espresso topped with mascarpone cheese and dusted with cocoa powder, presented in a dessert glass.


Cannoli are Italian pastry desserts. The singular is cannolo, meaning “little tube”, with the etymology stemming from the Latin "canna", or reed. Cannoli originated in Sicily and are an essential part of Sicilian cuisine. They are also popular in Italian American cuisine. We pipe the cannoli you wait or on order, timed for your pickup.

Crème Brûlée & Berries

A layer of raspberry sauce topped with a creamy custard and decorated with mixed berries coated in caramel.

IItalian Cheese Cake

Sfogliatelle (Lobster tail pastry)

Panna Cotta (Homemade)
  • This traditional Italian cheesecake is a classic made with the finest and freshest
    ingredients, such as fresh ricot ta and whole eggs.
  • Sfogliatelle are shell shaped Ricotta filled pastries native to Italian cuisine. "Sfogliatelle" means "many leaves/layers," the pastry's texture resembling leaves stacked on each other.
These softly set and creamy Italian puddings are so silky-smooth they slip down beautifully at the end of a meal. Perfect served with fresh berries, fruits or Jams.
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