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What's New ?

Plantation Italia
Italian Market can offer you a wide range of Italian food products. We have spent our years in business, researching and selecting the finest of what Italy can offer, whether in base products or the highest gourmet. Here you will find the results of our efforts and from time to time we will be adding even more to our "What's New" list. Enjoy!! Check back for the latest.

  • High fruit content fig jam
  • Prepared using fresh fruit only, following traditional methods, high fruit content fig jam contains more than 70 g of fruit for every 100 g of product. No pectin is added. This makes it a really authentic preserve, set naturally
  • Modena-style Amarene Brusche cherry jam
  • Made by applying the traditional procedure of concentrating jam by evaporation through heating. Only sucrose is added to our Modena-style Amarena cherry jam, which preserves the intense sweet flavour of the ripe fruit. Excellent for breakfast on toast.
  • High fruit content apricot jam 
  • Apricot jam containing 50 g of fruit for every 100 g of product is the ideal ingredient for making classic jam tarts and is an essential on the breakfast table, spread on slices of bread.
  • High fruit content peach jam
  • A jam to be enjoyed in the heart of winter, to savour the sweetness and scents of summer, spread on bread or added to a fragrant jam tart. Also excellent on pancakes with a dash of Cointreau.
  • High fruit content raspberry jam
  • Treat yourself to a breakfast of wholemeal bread, butter and this raspberry jam: experience the sensation of savouring freshly-picked berries. One of the pleasures Conserve della Nonna have in store for you.
  • High fruit content strawberry jam 
  • Made using a technique of evaporation through heating, this strawberry jam preserves all the flavour of the fruit, as well as its organoleptic properties and vitamin content. Goes perfectly with cream, served in sundae glasses decorated with melted dark chocolate.


  • First Field Jersey Ketchup
  • First Field Jersey Ketchup, artisanal ketchup made from vine-ripened sustainably-grown New Jersey tomatoes. First Field was founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team of Patrick Leger and Theresa Viggiano to create healthy products from the fresh New Jersey produce grown on their farm.
    Containing 60 percent less sodium, 50 percent less sugar and 25 percent less calories than big name, mass-produced ketchups, First Field Four Season Jersey Ketchup is made in small batches from select Jersey tomatoes with a special blend of fair-trade ingredients to showcase the natural sweet and savory characteristics of the tomato, Four Season Jersey Ketchup elevates any casual meal and is a great base for sauces.
  • Pocket Coffee
  • Original Italian Espresso covered in bittersweet chocolate. 
  • Sprial Stromboli
  • Our featured Stromboli is made with 2 cheeses (Provolone and Mozzarella), and 3 meats (Spicy Coppa, Pepperoni and Hard Salami).

    Available for parties, lunch meetings and many more events.  Our large Stromboli will serve 2-3 people.
    Also available in single servings.

  • Veal Rib Chop, First Cut
  • Selected veal racks cut into chops (only first four ribs can be sold as 1st cut veal rib chops). Chop has 4" bone, 3" french and 1" lip. Great plate presentation. Can be grilled, pan seared, stuffed, and roasted. Individually vacuum sealed.


    Dietz & Watson was founded in 1939 by Gottlieb Dietz, a talented young German sausage maker. His primary goal was to produce the most flavorful, highest quality deli meats in the marketplace, to please even the most discriminating palate. His old-world recipes and commitment to "quality above all" demanded nothing less than the freshest lean beef, ham, pork turkey breast and chicken breast and only the freshest, all-natural spices and seasonings. Dietz & Watson never uses artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders, and never any MSG. Today, from their headquarters in Philadelphia, the third generation of the family continues Gottlieb Dietz's dedication and commitment in preparing Premium Deli Meats and Artisan Cheeses. They are the grandchildren of company founder Gottlieb Dietz — Louis Eni (President and CEO), Chris Eni (COO) and Cindy Eni Yingling (CFO).
  • Roasted Bell Peppers in Sunflower Oil
  • .Coelsanus roasted peppers are carefully selected and roasted in small batches to perfection, then preserved in sunflower oil which, thanks to its lightness, enhances the natural flavor of the vegetables. Unit Size 12 oz. (340 gr.)


  • Roasted Artichokes in Sunflower Oil
  • Lightly seasoned and suspended in sunflower oil, these artichokes are perfect for tossing with pasta and spring vegetables, an antipasto plate with prosciutto and sparagus, or throwing on the grill and drizzling with a nice balsamic.Unit Size 12 oz. (340 gr.)
  • SABA Balsamic Condiment
  • Saba is an ancient condiment and it is the result of cooking selected grape musts, especially of Lambrusco or
    Trebbiano over re. Saba is what is the main ingredient in the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of
    Modena. On its own, Saba has an Incredible fruity favor with tasting notes of grapes, plums and raisins with no
    pungency. Try it over your favorite desserts, on fresh fruit, or over ice cream.
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